Chanda Mills Crutcher for US Senate

Special Election December 12, 2017

Write-In Chanda Mills Crutcher for US Senate 


"Let's Re-Write the Narrative Together!"

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I have 5 children that are going to inherit the conditions that we create and allow to happen today. We all have to do our part in leaving a legacy of economic stability, a solid social infrastructure, and the core values necessary to sustain thriving communities



Once again politics have become nasty and citizens and the issues that impact our communities throughout the state deserve to be Represented Well! Chanda Mills Crutcher brings traditional family values and commitment to Integrity with hopes to unite our State in a way that begins the dialogue necessary to “Re-Write the Narrative Together!


New Dialogue

If good people continue to sit down; we all lose! Alabama has the potential to be a great State yet we’ve become comedy for the country and our country is becoming a joke to the world. Let’s not let this happen on our watch!! December 12th is our chance to raise a united voice!


The Platform

Serving The Community

Chanda Mills Crutcher lives Community. As a Pastor and Professionally she serves our community daily.  However, what she does best it to create opportunities for others to serve.  

United By A Common Goal

Chanda Mills Crutcher is a graduate of Bob Jones High School in Madison, AL and the Judson College for Women in Marion, AL. Her husband has been an educator for over 17 years. She knows Alabama from the “haves to the have-nots”.  She Loves Alabama and believes in our potential to be better and do better!


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Over 2.9 million registered voters did not vote for either candidate to represent Alabama in the United States Senate.  We can win this Election! All we need is YOUR vote! Don't remove yourself from the process. Join us! Let's Re-Write the Narrative Together!!



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