The Real Issues

Mental Health & Addiction

People are leaving our state to find adequate mental health and long term care options elsewhere.  The established Leadership and Career Politicians have allowed for Mental Health Programs to be cut throughout our state; this is unacceptable! We have to comprehensively address and adequately fund our quality Mental Health programs.


Institutional Racism

The school to prison pipeline is alive and well in Alabama! Let's have real dialogue about how we can address Institutional Racism in our state.  Minorities are disproportionally represented in our Foster Care system and an overwhelming percentage of Alabama's incarcerated have a history of being in the Foster Care System.  This is not ok! Let's support successful intervention programs!

Abortions & Health Care

I believe that life begins at conception. I am Pro Life! However, I lived most of my adult life in silent guilt and shame over an abortion had while in college. Although my actions were legal; they were wrong! My heart breaks both for the unborn child and for the female that feels she has no other option.  I want to lead serious conversations about Both! 

Rights for Veterans and Older Adults

The 65 and older demographic is one of the fastest growing demographics in our state and country.  Medicaid and Medicare have to be kept at the forefront of our conversation! We cannot forget! 

Education & Small Businesses

My husband has been a High School Educator for over 17 years! Alabama is ranking in the bottom for our Nation.  This is unacceptable! We have many excellent educators serving in a broken system. Let's fix it! Together!

Campaign Reform

“Millions are being spent on political campaigns by those interest- ed in outcomes that don’t impact the very fabric of who we are; our people! The Federal Election Commission reports that millions are being spent to benefit the questionable strategies of the mainstream candidates. Let's complete the conversation about campaign reform!


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